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Puppy Visits

Do you have a puppy that needs some love and cuddles?

Puppy visits involve a carer spending time with your pup, feeding them if needed, let out’s in the garden or encouraging them to use their puppy pads, cuddles and playtime. This is a great time for the walker to bond with your puppy before they go out on walks with them.

As soon as puppy has the okay from the vet to go out we encourage the pups onto walks or daycare. This time is really important for pups development so getting them out & about and socialising with other dogs and the environment is super important.

  • We love puppies at Pawesome!
  • Puppy visits are for pups going through their inoculation period
  • Puppy visits can be once or twice a day according to your work schedule
  • Each visit lasts around half an hour
  • We spend time with pup, clean up any mess, make sure they have ample time to do their business, and lots of play and cuddles.

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