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Puppy Classes


We believe that all puppies benefit from puppy training and socialisation. Our classes are small, friendly and fun and are for for puppies who have had their jabs up to the age of 6 months.

To have a well balanced dog, all puppies must be well socialised as early as possible. This gives them the confidence to face all the new situations in the future with confidence with out being anxious or aggressive.

If you have had many dogs before or if this is your first one, this is the class your puppy should attend. We will help you train your puppy in the basic commands, understand their needs, behaviour and advise you on how to keep them fit,  healthy and happy.

Your puppy will mix with other puppies and people in a safe environment.

Our five week structured classes cover

·  Socialisation

·  Basic training, including  Sit, Stay, Come, lead walking and emergency stop.

·  Puppy Problems including basic house training

·  Safety inside and outside

·  Good manners at home and in public

Good communication between you and your puppy is one of the most important things to get right from the start, it can mean avoiding problems arising as puppy grows into a teenage and then adult dog. We achieve this using a combination of voice tones, body language and hand signals. We also use treat training, but do not leave you relying on this.

We do not accept new puppies after the first class, so your puppies development will not be interrupted by new arrivals in any week.

The five week course is £100

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