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Dog Walking

Would your pup like a Pawesome! dog walk?

Our walks are safe, enjoyable and offer our dogs a chance to play, socialise and to explore sights and smells.

All our walkers walk in small groups, most walk only three or four dogs which have been carefully put together according to location and size/breed of dog. Our charges are transported to and from walks in a safe and secure environment in fully air conditioned vehicles. We try to put dogs together who live near to each other, this means that no dog is any vehicle for longer than necessary.

  • Walking slots available are early morning 8.30am, 11am, 1pm
  • We offer a free consultation to come and meet you and your dog.
  • We always respect your decisions and dogs will be kept on leads at all times unless you are happy for them to be let off in appropriate places.
  • Sadly we are unable to walk aggressive dogs, un-neutered males over a year old or bitches in heat.
  • We supply our own leads, water bowls, treats and poo bags!

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